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Annie Lee Art Prints

# Art Type: Posters and Art Prints, Limited Edition # About Artist: Annie Lee's paintings, figurines and other dolls are frequently referred to as "Black Americana". According to Annie Lee her inspiration comes from childhood and everyday life. After having an exceptionally difficult time getting ready for work one morning, she painted 'Blue Monday'. When you look at her artwork, you will notice her trademark style of not painting faces on any of the people she paints. Her works have been featured in "ER", Bill Cosby's spin-off show "A Different World" and Eddie Murphy's movies "Coming to America" and "Boomerang". Born Annie Moten in the Southside of Chicago, Annie Lee�s mother played an important role in the development of her artistic talents, with encouragement and support. Even though she was offered a full scholarship to Northwestern University, Annie Lee chose to go to secretarial school so she could get a �good government job�. After her first husband died of cancer and her second marriage ended in divorce, Annie Lee found herself in the precarious position of being a single mother of two trying to balance work as the Chief Clerk in the Engineering Department of a Chicago Northwester Railroad, night school and family life with no time to develope her artistic abilities. In 1985, a friend talked Lee into having her first show, and today she owns two galleries. Lee would say that her secret to success "is her faith in God and a willingness to help others. God did this through me. You have to have faith. I never thought I would leave the railroad, but it was the best thing I ever did. It was hard to leave the security, but you have to take a leap of faith." (varietyartshop.com). Because of her faith and dedication to her work, Annie Lee is able to continue painting even after she developed an allergy to the acrylic paints that she uses..