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Autobiography of Fred Crump, Jr. Fred Crump, Jr was born in Houston, Texas on June 7, 1931. He received a Master's Degree in Art from Sam Houston College, in 1961. He moved to Palm Springs, California and taught art at a junior high school for 32 years. After retiring from his teaching career,he began a career as an author and illustrator of Children's books. In addition to teaching, writing, and illustrating, Mr Crump also wrote for magazines such as "Humpty Dumpty, Playmate, and Turtle." Mr. Crump brought the fairy tales of childhood to African-American children in a way with which they can personally identify. Mr. Crump died, October 29, 2005, at the age of 72. Crump, whose final book, Three Kings and a Star, was released a month before he death. He devoted the final chapter in his life to retelling popular children's stories for African-American audiences. Mr. Crump had more than 40 titles.

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