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Daddys Love Art Print By C'Babi Bayoc

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An intimate painting by C'Babi Bayoc of a father hugging his son.

Artist: C'Babi Bayoc Size: 27in x 21in


Who is C'Babi?

(pronounced KUH-BOB-BEE)



C'Babi is the visual force of the Bayoc Studio whose style has a movement of rhythm expressive of someone who was born to create.  C'Babi Bayoc's art technique has been labeled as "caricaturish" because of the energy he gives to one's body; playing on lips, hand, fingers, bottoms, and sometimes toes.


Since becoming a full-time artist in 1995, after graduating from Grambling University with a BA in Liberal Arts, C'Babi Bayoc has stayed true to himself by creating works of art that are revelatory of what goes in his head and heart, instead of creating what is hot and selling for the moment.


His name, which is an acronym for Creative Black Artist Battling Ignorance and Blessed African Youth of Creativity, allows others to realize his mission and blessing in life.  Through his artwork, he is able to show the beauty in black faces to all faces.  Because he is an artist, C'Babi allows his style to change when it fells like it.  Because of this, he asks that people get to know his artwork by the unique signature each piece bears upon completion, because his spirit won't allow him to be tied down by any one style.


Many famous and not-so-famous people have bought or commissioned work from C'Babi.  All are equally appreciated.  To see a list of the famous folks C'Babi has worked for, please check out his resume.


Born in New Jersey, C'Babi has lived in Louisiana, Illinois, and Korea before making his home in St. Louis, Missouri.



Who is Reine?



Someone has to handle the business aspect (the money, ya'll) and Reine is the HWIC. After the client talks about what he/she visually desires from C'Babi, all other conversations are with Reine. She is the person who says "let's do this" or "let's pass on this".

Aside from handling the money, Reine works side by side with C'Babi on proposals, contracts, and image development.

Reine is a writer and is currently completing her first novel which she hopes, will unveil the mysticism, power, and grace of all women to every person who reads it - and that's all she'll say about that.

Originally from Tennessee, Reine has lived in California, Illinois, and France before making her home in St. Louis, Missouri. A graduate from Saint Louis University, she received her BA degrees in English and French.



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