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Lets Do It Again

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Comedy about a pair of blue collar cons who raise funds for their fraternal order by hypnotizing a scrawny boxer into believing he's a mighty fighter, then betting heavily on him. Trouble ensues when gangsters figure out their plot and seek payback. Clyde Williams (Sidney Poitier) and Billy Foster (Bill Cosby) belong to a community group called The Sons and Daughters of Shaka. The city of Atlanta has plans to take away the group's meeting place, and The Sons and Daughters of Shaka don't have the money to finance a new one. Clyde and Billy come up with a hair-brained scheme to raise money for a new lodge hall by fixing a boxing match. Their plan is to hypnotize a weakling boxer and make him think he's unbeatable. Then they'll place bets on his "sure-win" fights. Their idea is so crazy that it just might work. But if anyone finds out what they're up to, there will be hell to pay. Unusual names like "Biggie Smalls" (Calvin Lockhart), "Kansas City Mack" (John Amos), "Bootney Farnsworth" (Jimmie Walker), and "Fish an' Chips Freddie" (Morgan Roberts) add to the comic value of the film's line-up of characters. Cosby, with his usual raucous antics, is a perfect complement to Poitier's understated humor. Curtis Mayfield's music creates the right funky atmosphere for this film. Filmed on location in New Orleans, LA and Atlanta, GA.

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