Ernie Barnes Sugar Shack 24 X 34 Art Print

Ernie Barnes Sugar Shack 24 X 34 Art Print SALE


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Sugar Shack Art Print $95.00 One day on the playing field, I looked up and the sun was breaking through the clouds, hitting the unmuddied areas on the uniforms, and I said, 'That's beautiful!' I knew then that it was all over being a player. I was more interested in art.

So I traded my cleats for canvas, my bruises for brushes, and put all the violence and power I had felt on the field into my paintings. Ernie Barnes was born in 1938, in Durham, North Carolina. His father, Ernest Barnes Sr., worked as a shipping clerk at a local tobacco company and his mother, Fannie Mae Geer Barnes, was employed as a domestic for Frank Fuller Jr., a wealthy Southern attorney who would guide Barnes into the world of art. By the time Barnes entered the first grade, he was familiar with the works of such masters as Toulouse-Lautrec, Delacroix, Rubens, and Michelangelo.

By the time he entered junior high, he could appreciate, as well as decode, many of the cherished masterpieces within the walls of museums -- although it would be a half dozen years before he was allowed entrance because of his race. His most famous art print is "Sugar Shack"this dance scene appeared on the cover of Marvin Gaye's "I Want You" in 1976 and the closing credits of the "Good Times" television show.

His paintings are characterized by elongated figures with their eyes closed and many capture the dynamism of sports. ain't we lucky we had him?.........GOOD TIMES!!!!!!! .........I hope you buy this painting. This is one of the most famous art prints in the world, however, very few are able to buy this conversation piece because of its high cost. Due to the fact that we have to liquidate our art prints we are selling them at low prices, while supplies last. This high quality lithograph is a steal.

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